3 Tips for Avoiding Police Radar Speed Traps

Radar speed traps are automated detectors used by law enforcers to monitor motorists speed. These traps use microwave signals which are directed to the vehicle and can derive speed levels by use of a Doppler shift effect through transmitted frequency.

Avoiding Police Radar Traps

1. Invest On a Radar Detector 

Buying a good quality radar detector will save you from the speeding tickets; however, whichever quality one can afford is better than having none. Low-end models caution the user only on perfectly flat straight roads, so it’s advisable to invest in a high-end model which is more reliable and can warn on any road terrain.
Some of the recommended high-end radar detectors proven to be reliable and efficient are,

• Escort Redline- which is a long-range detector that allows the driver more time to brake

• Escort Passport 9500ix – besides its ability to detect red-light cameras, speed traps, and four bands, it masters the commonly used roads and manages to detect and alert on real speed traps.

As mentioned it’s better to have a lower end detector than none, one of the recommended best choices is the Beltronics V955 which can detect both laser and radar speed detectors. Investing on a radar detector is worth saving time and money. Drive safely and smartly by purchasing a reliable radar detector.

2. Be Safe by Use of Free Smart Phone apps

There are free smartphone apps that warn against incidents ahead, indicating precisely the type of the incident and the distance away. These apps display a map on the driver’s phone, which enables the driver to detect locations of the red light cameras, the speed checks as well as fixed cameras. Real-time information on police traps and mobile speed cameras can be availed by use of these apps, which are audio enabled, prompting the driver to focus on the road. For instance, Waze application is an effective mobile app.

3. Reduce Vehicle Visibility

An officer can trap a vehicle that is less than 1000 feet away using the radar and laser speed traps. However, a shiny vertical chrome grill can reflect from miles away, raising chances of being detected even at miles away. Reducing radar profile of a vehicle minimizes chances of being detected.

Laser speed traps work through UV light reflection, and darker colors will reflect less light back. Vehicle color matters to laser guns as opposed to radar units. Veil Stealth coating is used to reduce laser reflectivity on vehicles by brushing on the headlight lenses and shiny front surfaces of the car.

Speed enforcement programs are on the rise, many of which are funded by the government. Being vigilant to avoid speeding tickets by use of speed limit alerts and control measures can save money and time. It is important to take precautions and avoid penalties where possible.

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