3 Unusual Places that Require a Photo ID

Having to present a photo ID to buy certain items or get into certain places is a fact of life. There are some places everyone expects to get carded, such as when purchasing adult material or ordering a drink at a bar. However, there are also some places you won’t necessarily expect to be asked to supply ID, and might get stuck without one when you need it.

1. Libraries

In order to get a library card, you usually have to supply a photo ID. This is to prove that you do in fact live within the jurisdiction of that library. If you don’t, your taxes don’t go towards that library and you often will have to pay for a non-resident card. If you have just moved to a new area and haven’t yet updated your photo ID, a photo ID coupled with a piece of mail proving your new address is often satisfactory.

2. Animal Shelters

Many animal shelters and rescue groups now require a photo ID in order to adopt an animal. This is a measure taken to ensure you are who you say you are on your application. The shelter wants a record of exactly who has adopted a pet from them in case of an issue down the road, and to ensure adopters are over eighteen. Plenty of rescue groups do home visits as well to ensure the pet is being taken in by someone who will properly care for it. It’s their responsibility to ensure these animals find loving homes, and so they understandably don’t want to take any chances.

3. Drugstores

It’s not unexpected to get carded when you go to pick up a prescription medication. What some people (particularly those without allergies) don’t know is that buying things like certain cold or allergy medications require a photo ID as well. This is because these products are commonly used in the creation of methamphetamine and for the safety of everyone their distribution is tracked and regulated. Retailers are actually required to keep the personal information of anyone who buys these drugs for two years, and if you try to buy too much within a certain span of time you will be flagged and unallowed to purchase more. Having to present photo ID puts you in the system and prevents people from being able to go to more than one store and purchase more of the drug.

Having to show photo ID can be annoying, especially when you least expect it. But the requirement usually has good intentions, especially when concerning the three scenarios listed above that not everyone deals with on a daily basis. So the next time you go to do any of these things, be sure to have your ID on you.

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