4 Advantages of Having a Company’s Servers Externally Monitored

As technology becomes a more integral part of business operations, more and more companies are trying to find ways to stay ahead of the game. Some companies struggle to utilize the internet in a successful way to generate business while other are becoming masters. Regardless, all companies are beginning to experience an increase in online interaction with customers. In fact, 51% of Americans prefer to shop online according to Big Commerce. Here are some of the advantages of having a company’s servers externally monitored.


One of the greatest advantages of having a company’s servers externally monitored is for protective purposes. A business’ information, data, programming and more are all housed within this server. In a world where hacking and cybersecurity has become a real threat to businesses small and large, taking extra efforts to protect your business’ data is a must. In fact, a Bureau of Justice Statistics study reported that 67% of businesses reported at least one cybercrime. External monitoring ensures that servers not only have extra protection, but that they are also monitored for changes that may suggest a cybersecurity issue.

Data Backup 

There is nothing more frustrating or risky than losing all of your important data as a business. External server monitoring is a great strategy to ensure that this catastrophe can be avoided. Other than providing a reliable back up and safety net for the possible accidental deletion of data via human error or other source, this external server monitoring also keeps an eye on functioning to determine any warning signs that may cause data loss or corruption. Once determined, these warning signs or risk factors can be avoided altogether.

Meeting Guidelines 

As more business continues to be conducted online, the number of regulations and guidelines that must be met continue to increase. In other words, the more sensitive information people are willing to put online, the more secure websites must be. A company with externally monitored servers will be in a much better position to meet these required guidelines and regulations as an experienced and reliable team of professionals will be able to read numerous amounts of data and other telling information to ensure that a business’ server is following all required regulations of safety and process.

Optimizing Performance 

Another great advantage of having a company’s servers externally monitored is optimizing performance. External monitoring can track a host of relevant statistics via bespoke dashboards in order to determine effectiveness of a company’s network overall. Given this information, companies can determine what their strengths and weaknesses are and make adjustments in response to these revelations. The availability of the servers can also be improved in order to improve the amount of potential customers who can view the website.

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