5 Key Orthopedic Management Tips

So you are now an orthopedic physician ready to start your own practice – so you think. Learning the ways of the practice is one thing, but successfully managing a clinic can present a whole new set of obstacles that you may not have accounted for. Here are five key tips to aid you in effectively managing your orthopedic clinic.

1. Have Clearly Defined Tasks
The workday of a physician is busy without having to pay mind to all of the minor, time-consuming tasks that arise on the daily. When it comes to paying bills on schedule, issuing follow up correspondence, answering the telephone, and scheduling future visits, it is essential to have others on staff to step in. Each staff member should have a clear understanding as to what tasks are assigned to them so that no issue goes unresponded to.

2. Practice Good Communication Skills
Good communication is vital. People are more likely to provide good feedback and return in the future if they feel that they were given the proper attention and respect. Staff members, physicians included, should greet patients warmly with a smile, answer all questions and concerns, and be responsive to any issues that may come up during the visit. Read about why the doctor-patient relationship often fails and how you can avoid this issue.

3. Build Rapport With The Community
With so many orthopedic clinics to choose from, what makes yours stand out? Always remember that people respond well to familiarity. To make your practice stay above ground, get your name out there. Develop a strong social media presence, send cold emails, and most importantly, make an appearance at community events and socialize with the attendees. As people begin to recognize you more, your business will continue to thrive.

4. Keep The Office Appearance Up To Par
A sloppy appearance is a huge “no-no”, especially in a medical environment. If your operating space or waiting room is a mess, a patient will be less likely to allow you to operate on them or they may lack trust in your practice. Make sure that the clinic is clean at all times. Also, technology plays a huge part in today’s medicine. People will notice and be more inclined to proceed with your clinic if your appliances are up-to-date.

5. Create Balance Between Home And Work Life
If your employees are tired and overworked, it often bleeds over in their work. As result, you may begin to notice senseless mistakes, a decrease in morale, and a failing system. To retain employees and avoid burnout, you may want to consider hiring part-time workers or shuffling the schedule a bit. Read about the signs of worker burnout here.

Managing an orthopedic practice doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. Hiring the right staff, implementing useful procedures, and being responsive to any issue that may come about will ensure that your clinic runs smoothly. Always remember that there is power within good planning and strategy.

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