5 Tips for Choosing the Exterior of Your New Home

There’s something about choosing the color pallet of the new home that makes you feel like Picasso. Unfortunately, most people are not professional painters and need some help putting together the perfect color combinations. Here are five tips to help you choose the exterior hues to your home.

1. Consider The Home Owner’s Association Bylaws

While you may have a burnt orange color pallet in mind, your home owner’s association may frown on such a choice. If you live in an area where the bylaws of an organization dictate such things, all colors must be approved. So, before you spend the money painting your abode, you need to make sure it’s an accepted color choice. It could be a costly mistake if the selection violates these regulations.

2. Make Sure The Color Is Right For Your Style of Home

Homes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Do you have an English Tutor, craftsman, bungalow or traditional ranch? Whatever your period, there’s a right and wrong choice in paint color. Can you imagine a tutor in mint green? The classic lines of the home would clash with such a tone. However, a beautiful eggshell would help the brown wooden beams to stand out. Choosing the right color has everything to do with the style of home in which you live. A Queen Anne Victorian might look a little outlandish in a bright blue hue.

3. Don’t Get Stuck on One Color

These days, to have the proper curb appeal, use two or three colors. If you have just one color, the final product can be improved but bland. However, using a separate color for window trim and one for accents can make a bold statement. When you pick up color swatches at your local hardware store, they always have a couple of other colors that match perfectly.

4. Buy Quarts of Test Paint

Paint swatches make the color appeal to many. However, that color may not look near as good once it was mixed and painted on your home. Bring home a couple of quarts to test. Paint strips of each of the color and compare them. The way the sun hits your abode and its position can also affect the color. You don’t want to paint your home a color that looks good in the store but horrible in person. Paying a few extra dollars for quarts of tester paint is a wise decision.

5. Gain Inspiration By Driving Around

If you lack inspiration when it comes to choosing the right color palette, then drive around your neighborhood. Look at other homes and see what color schemes you like. You want to make sure that your home stands out a bit from your neighbors, yet you want it to blend in with the style around you too. You can get much inspiration by looking at other people’s color combinations.

When it comes to painting the outside of your home and making the right color choice, be sure to take your time. There’s no reason to be in a hurry. If you make the wrong decision, it may be one you have to live with for a long time. Be careful, and do some research to come up with the right palate for your abode.

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