5 Ways to Land a Second Date

It’s finally Friday, time for the first date with the gorgeous girl you met at last weekend’s party. A wardrobe update is complete, you made time for a new haircut complete, and the car spotless. You are certain that it’s going to be a great night! But, given all the effort, don’t overlook laying groundwork for a second date. You don’t want your first date to be your last.

Have a Plan

It is critical that you have a plan for the first date, and is a good idea to confirm the date the day before. You can always give the impression that plans fell effortlessly in place. However, Don’t go by the seat of your pants, because it will likely blow up and leave your date offended. If you take the time to make precise plans, it shows genuine interest and enthusiasm. You definitely don’t want to show up for dinner and find that reservations were required!

Ask Questions, Be a Good Listener

Listen carefully, and avoid the temptation to talk at length about your own life or accomplishments. Ask her about her favorite movies, music or TV shows. Or, maybe a few questions about hobbies. Then, be sure to listen. And, don’t interrupt!

Keep Talk About Yourself in Check

Of course, your date will ask questions about your life as well. Your approach to answering them will be an important step towards a second date. Avoid getting carried away, bragging about accomplishments! And, definitely, don’t make her feel like she is listening to you read off your resume. Upbeat and enthusiastic is good, rattling off a list of accomplishments is not.

Always Pay

It is very good advice to pay for the first date if you hope to get a second! When the bill arrives, be sure to slide it your way, and decline if she offers to pay. Although it is commonplace for couples to split the tab, the first date is not the time. However, if she insists, suggest that she picks up the after dinner drinks.

The Two Day Rule

It is best to wait two days before reaching out to her again. If you contact her in one day, it may be perceived as too eager. But, give it three days, and it suggests that you don’t care. Two days in, and it’s time to seek out that second date!

Enjoy your date, and take the right steps to setup a second. If all goes well on the date, and the chemistry is there, hopefully your second date leads to many more!

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