6 Treat Bag Tips for a Kids Party

A fun party of having a party for children is making the treat bags that they will take home. These are small tokens of appreciation that let guests know that you’re glad they were able to attend the party. From making bags on a budget to creating spectacular gifts, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when it’s time for assembly.

1. Match Themes
The treat bags you make should match the theme of the party. You can also use bags of plain colors if you don’t want to get ones that have characters and designs on them. Include toys and treats that reflect the overall idea of the party, such as small candies in fun shapes.

2. Combination Treats
Although many treat bags have candy in them, you can combine candy and other items so that guests have a selection. Ideas include bracelets, small packs of pens or crayons, and miniature card games. You could also include homemade cookies instead of candy you get from the store.

3. Make Your Own 
Instead of getting bags that you fill yourself, let guests make their own bags. Get bags in an assortment of colors along with construction paper and other decorations so that everyone can make their own bag. Set up a table with candies and treats that guests can stuff in their bags.

4. Games
Treat bags can become a game at your child’s party. Children get a bag when they arrive. As they play each game, they can win prizes that they put in their bags to take home. Try to make the games fair so that everyone can win.

5. Go Healthy 
If you don’t like the idea of a lot of sugary foods in treat bags, then consider making healthy ones for the kids. Items that you could include would be toothbrushes, small tubes of toothpaste, and a few bath supplies in fun designs and shapes. A fun treat can be included in the bag as well, such as a small bag of popcorn.

6. Staying In Season
When you make bags for your child’s party, try to get items that blend with the season. Examples would be pumpkin treats for Halloween or the fall season or eggs and bunnies for the Easter season. You could also include a few toys that guests can play with during the time of year, such as a Frisbee if the party is in the summer.

Making treat bags for a party can be almost as much fun as celebrating. Think about any allergies that kids might have when you’re adding foods to the bags. Try to include the kids as much as possible when you’re stuffing the bags for them to take home.

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