Slip and Fall Accidents: What are the Legal Options?

If you experience a slip and fall at a restaurant, a place of business, or anywhere else, it’s important to know how to act. There are various legal options that you can explore.

Seek a Settlement
There are always going to be businesses that would rather settle outside of court. It is bad for business if they have to be dragged inside of a courtroom because of their negligence. This means that, as soon as you identify that you have slipped and fallen in their location, they will start to seek a settlement. Even if you start to mention a lawyer, they may work at settling.

You can still use a personal injury lawyer when there is a settlement to ensure that you are getting your fair share. It is important to calculate the total cost of the slip and fall to you, such as medical bills and loss of work.

Create a Lawsuit
You can choose to get the help of a personal injury lawyer so that a lawsuit can be created. This is where you will need to prove fault. For example, it may be the responsibility of the location or it may be the company that created a product that leaked on the floor, causing you to slip in a puddle. Whatever the situation, lawyers will work to identify and prove fault on your behalf.

The lawsuit will likely result in going into a courtroom where a judge will determine whether you get financial compensation or not. The goal of the personal injury lawyer will be to build a sufficient case to prove that you are owed a particular amount of money based on the level of injury that you have sustained.

Do Nothing
There is always the possibility of doing absolutely nothing if you slip and fall at an establishment. However, you would be financially responsible for all medical bills. If there is no witness and you don’t report that you are injured right away, you may have no choice but to do nothing. The sooner you act, the more likely you are to have more legal options available to you.

If you have been involved in any kind of accident, it’s important that you speak up. Have an accident report filed on the spot and try to obtain witnesses as soon as possible. From there, you can decide what kind of legal action you want to take. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer can also help you to determine the right path to take.

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