How to Store Cigars and Keep Them Fresh

Are you looking for ways to store cigars? If you love buying and smoking cigars, there are several ways you can keep them fresh. You can improvise methods to keep your cigars in good condition for a more extended period. Below are ways you can store your cigars.

A Mason Jar

Like any other product in the house, you can store cigars in mason jars to preserve quality. The containers cut off the air when tightly closed and prevent spoilage. You can use an empty jar with a tight-fitting lid. Fill the jar with some water and soak in some pieces of sponge. Place a plastic piece over the soaked sponge and lay your cigars on top. You can set the jar on a cool shelf to preserve your cigars for a few days.

Ziploc Bags

Just like the jar, Ziploc bags are airtight to ensure the contents remain wholesome. By placing a wet piece of sponge in the bag, you can store your cigars for some time. The essence of using a damp sponge is to provide moisture and keep the cigars humid during storage.

A Carry-on Cooler

If you have a small cooler that you use to store drinks when you travel, you can maximize its use by storing cigars. This method can keep your cigars moist for close to a month or more. Additionally, the cooler can carry many cigars at a go, especially if you like buying a lump sum. Always check the conditions of the cooler box to avoid spoilage in the event your cooler fails to function.

A Cigar Humidor

While home-made storage devices could help you preserve your cigars, it is advisable to purchase a cigar humidor. A high-quality cigar humidor guarantees adequate humidity to ensure the cigars remain fresh for a long time. Depending on the number of cigars you consume, you can get a suitable size of a humidor. Light smokers can choose compact travel humidors to store and preserve cigars.

Tupperware Containers

The plastic food storage containers can also be used to store your cigars. Just place the cigars in the bowl and put a wet paper towel or sponge to preserve freshness. The conditions will ensure the environment is humid preventing your cigars from drying up. Ensure you use distilled water to soak the paper towels.

Whether you choose simple home-made humidifiers or cigar humidors, you ought to ensure your cigars remain fresh all the time. Choose your storage item depending on the number of cigars you intend to store. Most importantly, consider the temperature of your storage area to prevent dehydrating the cigars.

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